Vamp Transfer Foil - XNF46

Vamp Transfer Foil - XNF46

Vamp Transfer Foil - XNF46

Code: VPFXNF46

Vamp transfer foil is best used with our Foil Adhesive glue for superior adhesion.
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Application Instructions:

  • Apply gel polish or nail polish colour of choice
  • Apply Gel Top coat to seal, lightly buff the top coat with a 100 grit buffer
  • Apply Foil adhesive glue sparingly and leave to set for 3-5 minutes... (when it is ready it will set to a clear transparent colour)
  • Cut desired piece of Foil and press (pattern side up) onto the nail, pressing very firmly to make sure all of the pattern has transferrerd
  • Apply Top coat to seal

Foils can also be pressed into the inhibition layer after applying your gel polish colour, but this will only work if your gel leaves a sticky enough layer.  For full coverage we recommend using the Foil Adhesive and if using a solid colour Transfer Foil then it is best to paint the nail with a similar colour underneath just in case the foil does not transfer completely.