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Astonishing Nail Supplies

We come from the sunny Bay of Plenty, specifically Tauranga. With over 27+ years of experience in the nail industry, we have always been pioneers in nail education and wholesale nail product supply for qualified professionals. Post-covid, we noticed an influx of newcomers who had either frequented nail salons or had a keen interest in nails, venturing into creating and selling their own gel polish brand without adequately educating consumers on proper application techniques to prevent nail damage or allergic reactions or actually even knowing the chemistry behind these products.

This led to the creation of ASTONISHING NAIL SUPPLIES. Understanding the financial strain and the desire for quality products, we believe everyone should have access to top-notch salon-quality nail care at home. Our brands, GELOSOPHY by Astonishing Nails, is crafted in Europe, we also have designed our very own range of HEMA-free gel nail polishes under our Vamp Nail brand for those with sensitivities. We prioritise your well-being and environmental concerns by offering a vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic (10 FREE), and premium grade ingredient range of products and nail art supplies to the NZ consumer.

Meet Our Boss Lady

Debbie Taylor

Hi, my name is Debbie Taylor and I am the Owner/Director of NZ Nail Academy Ltd and Astonishing Nail Supplies NZ. I and have been in the nail industry for longer than some of you may be born lol... at least the past 27+ years and I hold more than 50 international certificates.  I credit my career growth to having had amazing mentors - training with the world's most Elite Nail Artist's and Educators like Tom Holcomb - 10 times World Champion, 9 time Japan, Tom Bachik - celebrity man-icurist's to the stars - Alisha Romando-Botero - (Artistic Nail Design), Viv Simmonds Australia, Sam Biddle, Sarah Elmaz (Get Buffed Australia).

I have been educating and providing wholesale nail products all over NZ for many years now and I have also been one of the 3 judges for the NZ Nail Tech of the Year Awards for the past 3 times running, I am very proud of what I have achieved and am always striving to do better and bring the most up to date products and training to our students, nail professionals and now you the consumer throughout NZ and Australia. 

I am deeply troubled by the rising number of DIY enthusiasts developing allergies to various products. Many individuals, inexperienced in the industry and lacking proper qualifications, are selling products without thorough knowledge of their contents or providing essential education on their safe and correct usage. I aim to address this issue, as everyone deserves to enjoy beautiful nails safely and confidently with the appropriate products and education.